Archive: 25/05/2018

Greetings!  Unfortunately due to the mountains of spam I am getting in the comments and contact form, I am temporarily disabling comments.  Once I can get the Captcha plugin working correctly, I will re enable commenting and the contact form.  I apologize to those whose questions and comments I unintentionally deleted while cleaning out the spam!


MySQL Pager

MySQL LogoEver worked on a MySQL having table locking problems and when you run 'show full processlist' your screen is blasted with hundreds of lines of queries?  MySQL have a feature to help you parse this information easier with a feature known as a 'pager'

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Linux Commands in MySQL

MySQL LogoRecently I can across the ability to run Linux commands in the MySQL shell without the need to drop out of the MySQL shell.  This can save quite some time in the long run when troubleshooting database performance issues as you do not need to switch shells to run commands.

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