Archive: 06/08/2017

Greetings!  Unfortunately due to the mountains of spam I am getting in the comments and contact form, I am temporarily disabling comments.  Once I can get the Captcha plugin working correctly, I will re enable commenting and the contact form.  I apologize to those whose questions and comments I unintentionally deleted while cleaning out the spam!


System Auditing with auditd

Auditd is a user-space component of Linux auditing subsystem that collects and logs messages sent by the kernel.  This tool can be used to collect critical security information so you can ensure you know what is happening on your systems.  Auditd does not provide any form of additional security, however it does provide insights and audit trails regarding what is done on a server.  Not only is this information useful in troubleshooting, it also allows certification of many compliance guides.

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