Archive: 05/08/2017

Greetings!  Unfortunately due to the mountains of spam I am getting in the comments and contact form, I am temporarily disabling comments.  Once I can get the Captcha plugin working correctly, I will re enable commenting and the contact form.  I apologize to those whose questions and comments I unintentionally deleted while cleaning out the spam!


Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - AIDE

Intrusion Detection Systems monitor devices or networks for malicious activity or policy violations.  AIDE, or Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment, allows systems administrators the ability to keep an eye on files and detect when a file is created, modified, or altered in any way.  AIDE can be used to let you know when a malicious file has been uploaded to your application, or when a script has been injected with malicious code.  If can be used to identify nearly any change you can imagine to your system.

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